My Story


Hi, my name is Ronelda. I started my journey of drawing and painting when I received my first pair of glasses at the age of Ten. I was self-taught and felt an unseen hand teaching and explaining how to draw and paint. Painting became so natural that I knew it was a gift from God. I began to explore other mediums in my early years and found a love in painting dog Portraits and People. Pastels, acrylic, water, and oils were mediums I used in my paintings. In the last ten years, I have shifted towards painting in acrylic on Canvas visions and dreams I have received from God. Many times people would ask me for a personal prophetic painting. I would often get a snapshot of the heavens book written for and about them and paint the vision on canvas. Seeing people's hearts light up and joy through a painting keeps my passion for painting. My husband supports me in everything I do and loves to paint 3D sculptured pictures of landscapes and mountain scenes of camping. We have three grandkids, and it is such a joy to teach them how to paint and have fun. Thank you for hearing and reading my story. 

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